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5 Ways to Stay Motivated in Recovery

Maintaining motivation throughout the recovery process is oftentimes a challenge, but taking advantage of these few steps regularly can help keep motivation up and goals achievable.

Keep It Simple

During recovery, especially for beginners, things can quickly get overwhelming. And becoming overwhelmed can make you vulnerable to relapse. Even though it is sometimes good to look at the big picture, try taking it one day at a time.

Break long terms goals into short term goals, and focus more on the day to day or week by week. Build up to larger goals, because recovery is a lifelong process. The smaller short term goals should be as specific as you can get them.
This helps to create a better sense of control and deters the feeling of failure (when large goals aren’t met), allowing you to feel more frequently successful during your recovery.

Encourage Yourself
Taking the time to review all of the positive steps you’ve successfully taken can also boost motivation in recovery. Remind yourself of all the positive traits you respect about yourself and think over the accomplishments you’ve achieved as a result.
Keeping a positive outlook of yourself will increase your confidence in the recovery process. Self-confidence goes hand-in-hand with motivation.

Reward Yourself
For each goal that you successfully meet, you could reward yourself. Maybe pamper yourself at the spa, indulge in a healthy hobby or just take time for yourself. Attaching small rewards to each short term or long-term goal met is a fun way to stay motivated in recovery. Provided that you follow through with your goals, incorporating rewards can’t hurt.

Strong Support Network
Build a network of individuals that support you and your recovery. Nothing does a person in recovery better than being surrounded by positive people who encourage them. A strong support system will help you maintain motivation in recovery and will reduce stress that could trigger a backslide.
These people will be who you seek out to talk to whenever you need support and motivation.

Maintain a Routine
Keeping a structured schedule or a daily routine is a big help when it comes to staying motivated in recovery. It reduces stress and provides a guideline to keep you on track with meeting your goals. This schedule should include meetings, therapy sessions, and also positive activities that you personally enjoy. This helps keep your life balanced while also providing a way to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

These tips are perfect for staying motivated while in recovery.

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