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Here to help you on your road to recovery from alcohol abuse and other addictions.
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Anxiety Recovery Tips and Strategies

Anxiety Disorders and Substance Addiction
Among the leading causes of substance abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction, is self-medicating. People who self-medicate do so in order to cope with whatever ails them. Stress, anxiety, depression, or even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) could be reasons why people abuse substances.

There is a stark link between anxiety and addiction or addiction and anxiety. It doesn’t matter which comes first, anxiety or addiction, the result is the same.

Anxiety may cause addiction and Addiction may cause anxiety. So in order to get better, both problems must be addressed. Eradicating one issue will not eliminate the other.

Addiction, Anxiety and Mental Health
Anxiety disorder can be caused by a range of mental issues or disorders, frequently in combination with physical problems. A few of such causes include PTSD, stimulant drug abuse, generalized anxiety disorder, phobias, and panic disorder.

  1. Potential Anxiety Triggers:
  2. Stress on the job.
  3. Stress with school.
  4. Drama with relationships.
  5. Financial stress.
  6. Grief related stress.
  7. Health related stress.
  8. Medication Side effects.
  9. Medical health issues.
  10. Drug abuse


Anyone can overcome anxiety by finding positive coping strategies without self-medicating.
Anxiety is an upsetting condition which rarely dissipates on its own. Getting the right help is, in fact, the only way to have a better and longer life.

Let’s look at recovering from Anxiety as a two-step process:
Step one: discover how to overcome this anxiety.
Step two: learn how to prevent your anxiety from returning.

When anxiety is mixed with addiction or substance abuse, this creates a whole new problem. And in order to recover from addiction and anxiety, you must find a professional program that can treat both issues simultaneously.

Anxiety Recovery at Home
Anxiety takes many different forms since anxiety affects people in different ways. Because it is such a wide area, there are also a lot of methods that are used to overcome anxiety.

There’s therapy, relaxation strategies, behavioural training, exercise, healthy diet, and dodging stressful activities. These all can help fight anxiety in recovery. Implementing these strategies long term also help with the quality of life after.

At the end of the day, it is on you to want to get help and act on it. When it comes to your addiction and anxiety issues, treating them both at the same time is the most effective way to get your life back. A long happy, clean and stress free life should be the goal. Are you ready?

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