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Here to help you on your road to recovery from alcohol abuse and other addictions.
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Are You an Alcoholic ?

Can you relate?

• You drink to cope with the pressure of your work.
• You seem to be always late for work.
• You want to stop drinking but can not.
• The urge to drink never leaves you.
• When people point out you may be drinking too much you get upset.
• You would rather spend your last penny on booze than pay the bills.
• The people you associate with drink just like you.
• Friends and family avoid or ignore you.
• You feel alone.
• You do crazy and senseless things under the influence of booze.
• You have difficulty facing up to the fact you are a drunk.
• You try to keep your drinking secret.
• You hide your booze and hope nobody will find it.
• Your drinking is putting a strain on your marriage.
• You have difficulty remembering what you did last night.
• You deny outright you have a drinking problem.
• You believe you can control your drinking.

I was guilty of all these “Big Time!” the good news is
recovery is possible!. If a hopeless drunk like me can
do it so can you. You will find on this site ways that will help you.

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