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Here to help you on your road to recovery from alcohol abuse and other addictions.
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Interesting Facts about Heroin

One of the most dangerously addictive drugs on the planet is the drug known as heroin. The use of heroin can be lethal and is unfortunately a rising epidemic. As a derivative of morphine, it is the fastest-acting opiate drug. Here are some more interesting facts...

Effects of Substance Abuse on Families

Substance abuse not only touches the person’s life that is abusing them, but the lives of the loved ones around him/her. This goes for spouses, parents, children and siblings. Even close friends.   The effects of substance abuse can reach extended family members as well. The effects...

drug addiction

Dealing with Drug Addiction and Depression

When dealing with the link connecting depression to drug addiction, it can be challenging to convey precisely where one ends and the other one starts. A common factor when dealing with drug addiction is depression. It’s so common, that majority of individuals addicted to alcohol, or...

opiate abuse

Tell Tale Signs of Opiate Abuse

When it comes to most drug addicts, there are very obvious signs of intoxication. But, when it comes to abusing opiates, that’s not always true. This is because an opiate addict will eventually develop a tolerance to opiates, so someone struggling with opiate abuse might...