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CBD Oil is it right for you?

The pros and cons of CBD oil

Cannabidiol is a well known natural remedy for the treatment of many common ailments.

It’s known alias is CBD and is one of 100 plus chemical compounds which are cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are found heavily in Marijuana plants or cannabis.

The main psychoactive cannabinoid, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC has been found to cause the “ high” sensation commonly associated with using marijuana.

However, CBD has no psychoactive effects like its THC counterpart.

CBD oil is created by the extraction of CBD from the cannabis plant.

It is then diluted with a certain type of carrier oil such as or hemp seed or coconut oil.

It’s quickly gained momentum in the wellness industry, as some scientific studies have confirmed it may effect ailments such as chronic pain or anxiety by easing its symptoms.

Pros: Benefits of using CBD oil?

Epidiolex is currently the one CBD product that is currently approved by the FDA. Epidiolex is an antiseizure medication used to treat epilepsy.

There are others on the market that are cannabis-related products that have been approved by the FDA, but Epidolex is the only one approved concerning the CBD cannabinoid.

All this means is, besides Epidiolex, all other claims to health benefits either lack sufficient research or have not been scientifically proven.

Currently, there are several early-stage trials going on originating new evidence that suggests CBD is effective in treating of psychosis, Type 1 diabetes, PTSD, cancer, neuropathic pain, schizophrenia, and some cognitive symptoms related to Alzheimer’s disease and HIV.

Unsubstantiated CBD Oil Health Benefits

CBD has emerged to be so widely popular because many people feel it helps them in a variety of ways from anxiety to physical pain. Still, below is a list of unproven health benefits of CBD:

• Antipsychotic
• Heart Health
• Neuroprotective Properties
• Reduce Acne
• Reduce Depression and Anxiety
• Pain Relief

Cons: Is CBD Oil Addictive?

There’s not enough evidence or research to show if CBD is addictive.

THC, however, is addictive. So purchasing any unregulated CBD oils or other products could possibly contain trace elements of THC.

This could make it addictive because of the THC present in the product mat  of the CBD.

So far there have been minimal side effects associated with the use of CBD products.

There is a possibility for liver problems, however, that is only in the instance that the CBD is mixed with prescription medicines.

Is CBD oil worth it?

In conclusion, CBD and CBD oil or other products have little to no bad or negative side effects.

It is boasted to have medicinal properties that have yet to be scientifically proven.

As always consult your doctor first before committing to new products!

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