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Cocaine Addiction: Short and Long Term Effects

Addiction is a disease that is all too common. Each year, millions of folks are impacted by Cocaine either directly or indirectly.


Cocaine is a crazy addictive drug, there are even accounts where people became addicted after their first try.

The white powder can be sniffed, or chemically processed into “crack,” which can be smoked. Regardless of how it’s used, cocaine is a very dangerous drug. Cocaine can cause sudden death, even in healthy users.

Cocaine Addiction
Cocaine is a powerful stimulant which activates one of the brain’s significant pleasure centers. It blocks dopamine transporters which produces pleasurable effects of euphoria. Higher doses equal intensified euphoria.

When the high comes crashing down, then comes things like depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue irritability, and even paranoia. The body’s health begins deteriorating. After that comes intense cravings for more cocaine or crack.

Though some of these symptoms fall under the stereotype, withdrawal brings on repetitive and compulsive behaviours. Behaviours such as repeating certain peculiar movements or odd “ticks” over and over again.

Numerous addicts experience agitated delirium and hallucinations of bugs crawling on or under the skin. There are countless other symptoms of withdrawal associated with cocaine use.

Most Common Short-Term Symptoms
Short term cocaine may cause:
Dry mouth.
Blurred vision.
Dilated pupils.
Violent behaviour.
Muscle spasms.
Decreased appetite.
Dizziness and Tremors.
Irritability and Paranoia.
Anxiety and nervousness.
Chattiness and sociability.
Extreme mental alertness.
Nausea and Abdominal pain.
Diminished decision-making ability.
Impotence and excessive interest in sex.
High blood pressure and Increased heart rate.

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Use
There is absolutely no safe way to use crack or cocaine. It is an extremely deadly drug. And when combined with other potentially dangerous substances, it becomes even more lethal. Alcohol abuse, or the abuse of other drugs while using cocaine puts the user at greater risk of sudden death.

The many dangers of using Cocaine
Neurological Symptoms
Heart Disease
Heart attack
Chest pain
Heart infection
Extremely high or low blood pressure
Sudden death
Lung Damage
Collapsed lung
Respiratory failure
Difficulty breathing
Chronic bronchitis
Danger during Pregnancy
Addicted newborns.
Male and female Infertility
Sexual dysfunction
Miscarriages, premature births, or stillborn pregnancies
Newborn Deformities…

And the list goes on…

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