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Fathers plea to son regarding his addiction
Cocaine, Addiction
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A Loving Father’s Plea to Addicted Son…


Below is the link to the BBC news article I was referring to and I am pleased you have asked me to send it on.

For me, it reflects a powerful testimony on the ravages caused by habitual use of coke and a potential way forward to negate usage and ultimately, lead a better, healthy, more purposeful, and potentially happy fulfilled life.

To be honest, it would be wholly remiss as your Dad aged 74 and not in the best of health myself not to share this article with you. You know the addictive pattern of your lifestyle so well – the continual addictive sessions of excessive booze leading to coke binges, late nights, deprived sleep, and the negative real dangers to your health and dare I suggest, the now medically identified slight scarring to your heart.

The Coke addiction AVRT creator’s recovery summary in the article is well worth reflecting on and worthwhile following. Health benefits aside, by adopting a Zero Tolerance policy you will benefit by saving on a wholly unnecessary significant expense you can ill afford.

You mentioned last week your fear of the potential loss of friends if you were to cease the ‘social habit’ of using coke.

I regard this as a hollow argument set against the undoubted benefits of kicking the habit leading to safeguarding you as a person, and your mental and physical health.

I am in no doubt the combination of the repetitive cycle of excess booze/coke usage led to your addictive gambling and the loss of nearly everything. You pushed the limits right to the edge + the consequential very real negative impact and worry on your immediate family and friends, personally, I continue to live with it daily.

My words above may read harshly but please accept they are sent as an expression of significant concern and love for you as my and your mother’s son. Please don’t jeopardize your future anymore – you can and will overcome this continuing addictive issue given the will.

As I sign off, I conclude by restating what I have said before – I do not wish to face the wholly unenviable task of reading your Eulogy, focussing on a professionally competent and for the best part very likable sociable son who had so much to offer to so many but, who so sadly simply took the wrong turning in the journey through life.

Over to you son…

With much love,

Dad x x

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