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Bar scene alcohol addiction

Dealing with Alcohol Addiction…


Almost anyone enjoys a glass of something now and then, but what no one realizes is the fact that there is a thin line between casual drinking and alcohol addiction.

The causes that lead to alcoholism are not known for sure, although it is believed that a person can end up in this state due to casual and regular alcohol consumption. Also, it can affect anyone, regardless of gender, age, race, social position, financial status, and so on.

Thus, anyone can end up having this issue. The worst part is that alcoholism affects every facet of a person’s life, having the power to destroy everything that person managed to achieve.

What people are not aware of is the fact that alcoholism is a real disease and should be treated accordingly. Many people that are addicted to alcohol don’t consider that they are sick, so they won’t see the need to ask for medical help.

But, alcoholism does produce changes in the brain, including its neurochemistry, which makes an addicted person not able to control his or her actions. Also, alcohol addiction comes in various forms, depending on how often a person drinks and what type of alcohol is consumed.

These are aspects that may vary a lot from one person to another, determining the severity of the addiction. Thus, while some people drink alcohol every day, others drink heavily once, until they reach a refusal point, and then remain sober for a certain period.

If this is not enough, alcoholism is an illness that is very hard to detect. First of all, alcohol is not on the drugs list, like heroine, for example, being consumed worldwide and accepted in almost every culture on the planet.

In fact, each time people choose to celebrate something, alcohol is included as well, being connected with happiness and joy. Also, many people drink socially, when meeting with friends and family, being a normal habit among very many people.

So, when almost everybody is doing it everywhere, it is very hard to tell who is having just a drink and who has serious problems with alcohol. Of course, there are some signs that can indicate towards alcoholism, although recognizing that you may have an issue with alcohol is the hardest part.

What could be considered as symptoms of alcoholism? A person will start drinking more often or will increase the quantity of alcohol consumed.

The fact that the body can easily tolerate alcohol and there are no hangover effects the next day is also signs of alcohol addiction. An addicted person will also start consuming alcohol in the wrong places and at the wrong times, like early in the morning or at work.

Such a person will also want to be in places where alcohol is present, avoiding those where there is a lack of alcohol.

The social circle of such a person can also change, as the heavy drinker will look for people with the same habit, in the detriment of the family member and close friends, with who will have less contact.

Starting to hide alcohol or to drink while hiding, are also considered to be a part of addictive behavior. An alcohol addict may also require alcohol to function normally throughout the day, because, if not, his or her body will experience withdrawal symptoms just like in the case of drug abuse.

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