alcoholicinrecovery | How Alcoholics Anonymous Worked For Me.
Here to help you on your road to recovery from alcohol abuse and other addictions.
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Alcoholics Anonymous

How Alcoholics Anonymous Worked For Me.


After finding the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous listening to the many stories I knew that I was in the right place.

At last, I had found comfort after many years of being lost in the disease of alcoholism no longer alone, now I could get help.

Help was abundant from people from all walks of life whether a fall over drunk or a rock star they all had a message for me.

Alcoholism doesn’t discriminate, there are no social boundaries it will not affect!

There are many types of meetings and study groups within Alcoholics Anonymous, I preferred speaker groups because I could relate more often than not to the speaker.

Big Book study is good because it explainshow it works and gives you a plan of action and  steps   to follow.

Getting a sponsor was one of the suggestions, which I did, to help me stay on track and guided me on my journey to recovery.

Being mentored was invaluable, I could bounce stuff off my sponsor and he would call me out on my bullshit! He would not let me get away with anything!

His favorite saying “ my way or the highway “ 

I thank him now for all he did for me, his guidance and his wisdom has made me a better person.

Since becoming sober,  I have had Cancer, Stroke, and a Heart attack, not enough reason to drink again.

In my past, any excuse for a drink…

The greatest thing about this AA program is you take it “ One Day At A Time”

Sobriety has been with me for over 23 years, AA works for me and for that I am truly grateful!

Recovery from alcoholism is not easy but well worth the effort, just to wake up in the morning with a clear head…Wow.

Remembering what you did the day before priceless.







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