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Narcotics Abuse and Addiction

First, what is Narcotics Abuse?


You may hear a lot of different terms such as drug dependence, opioid abuse, drug addiction, and drug
abuse, so here are a few explanations into these terms:
The abuse of opiates, and other drugs, is when there’s a deliberate use of a meds beyond its purpose as prescribed by a doctor like using it for recreational reasons. As with opiates, the goal is usually to get a “high” or to “feel good”.


  • A drug Dependence happens as the user’s body builds up tolerance to the effects the drug has, resulting in the user taking higher doses to get the same effect. Furthermore, discontinuing use of the drug can cause withdrawal symptoms.
  • Drug addiction happens when the dependence on a drug is accompanied with a powerful craving to have the drug, compulsive behavior fueled by the need to obtain the drug and continuing to use the drug despite severe consequences.

How Soon Can It Develop?

Narcotics abuse can literally spiral out of control for some people at any moment. And this can develop several ways. It mainly develops through recreational use of a drug, mostly when individuals are prescribed narcotics by a physician for treating pain or other medical conditions.

When these drugs are used for an extended length of time, the drugs’ become less effective. When this happens, it is known as tolerance. As tolerance to the drugs build, so does the risk of becoming addicted to these narcotics, leading to the development of narcotics addiction.

To help a person decide where they stand with narcotics, listed below are a few symptoms:

The Signs and Symptoms

  • Taking Meds More often Than Prescribed
  • Recreational Use Of Opiates And Other Drugs To Get High
  • Taking Narcotics To Mask Stress, Emotions, Or Pain
  • Experiencing Withdrawal Symptoms When Drugs Are Not Taken
  • Using Drugs Regardless Of Health Risks Or Consequences
  • When These Drugs Are Not Available You Experience Mood Swings

Narcotics Addiction

It doesn’t really matter how someone comes to be addicted to drugs because the end result is virtually the same.

The addiction takes control of the person’s life making the drug more important than anything or anyone, which means feeding the addiction takes priority over everything else…

Seeking Help
Anyone facing this addiction can find therapy, counseling and support groups quite beneficial. Support groups, like Narcotics Anonymous (NA), offer great help and resources for those addicted to narcotics. Much in the same way Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) would for alcoholics.

They offer a great network of peer support where others going through the same thing can pass along their stories of success as well as struggle. And sometimes this can be the best form of medicine for those who are fighting day by day, to stay clean in their recovery from addiction.

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