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You learn about the advantages of AA on this page.
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The Benefits of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Self-help group Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a resource for those trying to overcome their alcoholism.

AA follows a program of recovery based on the 12 Steps, which involve admitting powerlessness over alcohol, turning one’s life over to a higher power, and making amends to those harmed by the individual’s drinking.

Some benefits of AA include:

  1. Support: AA provides a supportive community of people who are also in recovery from alcohol addiction. This can be particularly helpful for people who may feel isolated or alone in their recovery journey.
  2. Structure: The 12 Steps provide a structured program of recovery that can help people stay on track in their recovery.
  3. Sharing experiences: AA meetings provide a safe and supportive space for people to share their experiences with alcohol addiction and recovery. This can be therapeutic and help people feel less alone.
  4. Sobriety: Many people find that participating in AA helps them maintain sobriety and avoid relapse.
  5. Improved relationships: As people work through the 12 Steps and make amends to those they have harmed, their relationships with family and friends can often improve.
  6. Increased self-awareness: The 12 Steps encourage people to examine their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and to take responsibility for their actions. This can lead to increased self-awareness and personal growth.
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