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What Are the Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous?

After its establishment in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous has grown into one of the most renowned programs for treating alcohol addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) offers its members a strong support system which is a necessary component for overcoming alcoholism. This is one of the many benefits of AA.

Alcoholism is defined as physical and mental dependence on alcohol. The model AA focuses on encourages members to recognize how their drinking is harmful to both themselves and those around them. Family and loved ones often suffer from side effects of your alcoholic tendencies.

Other great benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous include gaining the right tools to deal with day to day stressors, improve positive coping skills, a secure platform for discussing sobriety issues confidentially, encourages personal growth and responsibility.

Many find that AA’s Twelve-step program can be, in many ways, just as beneficial as rehab. But this assessment is purely based on individuals. Alcoholism is a disease that requires the professional help found at Rehab treatment centers. The following is a comprehensive list of the “Benefits of AA”.

Simple and Straightforward
AA’s 12 step program provides a simple and straightforward way to completely turn your life around. The core of AA’s method is the 12 steps to abstinence. The steps opens with the admission of being an alcoholic, a willingness to review personal shortcomings, as well as a willingness to make amends to all those hurt by the alcoholic’s actions.

A Positive Support System
Next on the benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous list is the worldwide camaraderie for alcoholics that helps each other to remain sober. The main venue for such fellowships are local chapter meetings. Local AA meetings provide members a safe place to discuss struggles and fortify each other’s decision to quit.

One of the biggest benefits of AA is the opportunity to connect with others living successfully in recovery. These people can support and reinforce positive behaviors and coping strategies.

Program Adaptability
AA is built on reinforcing positive behaviors that aid its members to stop drinking. This is accomplished through applying different techniques, like goal setting or alternate ways of coping.
Resource for Courts.

AA programs also provide a resource to overloaded court dockets. It allows judges the opportunity to reform offenders, with the intention of breaking the cycle or the “revolving door” of people who go through the system over and over. Instead of using up court resources, offenders are offered a chance to get sober and reap the benefits of AA.

Other Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous:
• Confront it yourself, No one can do the work for you. Alcoholics Anonymous provides a platform where people who have overcame their drinking can tell their story to the newcomers. They emphasize that the only absolute way to overcome a drinking problem is to confront it yourself.
• Taking it One Day at a time. There’s no pressure to embrace all 12 Steps at one time. The objective of AA is to offer the chance to utilize the right tools to get and stay sober.
• Making new and supportive friends who understand and respect your situation.
• Choice of a sponsor.
• A Chance to repair relationships.
• Meetings are always available.

So, the Benefits of Alcoholics Anonymous certainly stand out. Especially compared to the alternative of alcoholism and the risks it carries. Many don’t realize that alcoholism can be fatal. Reaching out for help, attending AA, or even going into a rehab treatment center are all ways of overcoming alcoholism.

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