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Here to help you on your road to recovery from alcohol abuse and other addictions.
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What Sobriety Has Taught Us

Having the courage to face your addiction head on is amazing all on its own. But there are so many positive things that sobriety can teach you.

A great quality about the human race is that even when we hit rock bottom, we can redeem ourselves. Literally at any moment, we can make the necessary changes about ourselves and choose a better path to live life in a new way. Holding ourselves accountable for our own actions may not erase the past, but it will help the healing process. Then it will open up the door for love, and living authentic.

Choosing life
We all have choices. The choice to use/drink or the choice to remain stay sober is all up to you when the urge hits. Regardless of how powerful the cravings may seem, the choice to do or not to do is up to us. And when we attend meetings, use our positive coping skills, and build a strong support system, we are making healthy choices.

Probably one of the most rewarding lessons sobriety can teach a person is awareness of our true feelings. Understanding our feelings does not show weakness, or ruin who we are. Dealing with are feelings sober may make us uncomfortable, but embracing and experiencing them authentically will allow us to grow… both spiritually and mentally.

Strength over Silence
Being able to reach out for help requires courage and strength. Addictions thrives in the dark which is why silence is dangerous thing for sober people. Saying you need help and allowing others to help you, shines a light on your struggles.

One Day at a Time
At the end of the day, we are all human. Things happen, and mistakes are a part of the Journey. This could mean a one-time slip, or relapse. Learning from our struggles and mistakes should teach us to never give up on our Recovery. Sobriety isn’t easy, at all. It takes time, and effort.

Giving To Receive
Sobriety and recovery has its ups and downs. But once you find yourself in a place where you’ve been living sober for a while, you can add to that wonderful feeling. Helping others is empowering as well as therapeutic.

Giving back to communities where support is needed; sharing recovery struggles can help other struggling addicts. Etc.… There are many ways to help others.
Helping others can help keep you sober while living in recovery can provide a sense of comradery, community, and peace. Helping others helps us remain aware of ourselves, our journey and our sobriety.

The Healing Process
The first step of the healing process is finding Sobriety. The healing process covers yourself as well as others who have been affected by your history of addiction. Getting professional support to teach you healthy coping skills, will go a long way in recovery.

Making all of the necessary changes in life to get sober and stay sober can tend to be overwhelming. Focusing the motto “One Day at a Time” helps to keep life in check. Addiction kills people, as well as ruins relationships and families. And this makes living sober and clean even more of a big deal. Sobriety improves good decision making, and life choices.

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